New Addition: Forums

What’s better than a blog celebrating young chest hair? I got to thinking about it and it came to me: a forum for discussing and posting photos of young chest hair. I know you can’t wait to join the forum and start posting away, so why don’t I give you the link?

 Young Chest Hair Forum

I’ve already seeded the forum with a few posts to get things going. I can’t wait to see all the great young chest hair photos!

In addition to young chest hair, I’ve added a “Young Body Hair” section for all those young guys out there who are hairy in more places than just their chest. Arms, legs, abs, anything goes.

Note: You must register for access to the forum and be approved. Once approved, you will have free access to post anywhere you like. Please note that there is no nudity allowed. There are lots of places for that on the internet; this isn’t one of them. If you choose to post photos, please stick to young chest and body hair only. If you would like to help with the forum, I’d consider taking on a few moderators. Please post a message in the general discussion area and we’ll talk!

Update 12/27/11: The forum was removed from Proboards so I have moved it to I’ve updated the link above. Hope to see all of you there!

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